Full Consultation

Site Plan Design + Revisions
Contractor-Ready Deliverables
Complete revisioning and re-design process. Convert your blank canvas yard or existing space into the garden of your dreams!
We will start by meeting in person and touring your space together. Getting into the nitty-gritty details of what would create your perfect sanctuary.

I will use our consultation in conjunction with a detailed survey of the land, to design your landscape and plant placement.  A base map showing existing features and sun and water patterns is overlaid with the new structures, topography, plant layout, and hardscape, all carefully designed to your specifications.

We will meet again to review your design, materials, layout and plants. During our review I take great pleasure in walking you through the details, answering questions and making notes and things that are working and things that may need to change.

Your final package will be delivered as in PDF and hard copy and will include the design and plant list with hyperlinks to plant profiles. All files are to-scale and suitable to be used as blueprints by contractors for both estimating and installation.

Blueprints are neither architectural nor engineered. Any permitting and required engineering are the responsibility of the client.

Things to Consider

Our Full Consultation engagement will cover many things specific to your project, but these core questions will help guide your thinking and are good things to consider, whether or not we work together.
If you have solid answers to these questions here, you should turn off your computer and get to work!
How do you use the space specifically?
Is it a kid play area, water collection/diversion area, desire for increase curb appeal?  We will dig down to find what is unique about you and your site and work to bring that to the forefront.
What are the challenges in the space?
Is it too hot? Is there poor drainage? Bad soil? Do you not have a clear vision for the space or maybe it’s shaped strangely and you’re not sure how to make it work…
What are your overall priorities for your outdoor spaces?
What do you value? What are you not getting enough of? What is your budget and timeline for the phases of these projects/changes.

For the DIY-inclined

If all you need is inspiration to get your project rolling, I offer smaller-scale consulting packages tailored to your specific needs.


A unique, quick-and-dirty consultation that gets you from zero to special layout in around two hours. The rest is up to you!
I will visit the site and spend time with you discussing your space needs and barriers to success. We spend time on-site doing a lot of talking and clarification, followed by literally drawing the plans on your land using marking paint to spray out the shape and flow of the newly proposed space.

We will delineate planting areas, pathways, hardscape aspects etc. for you to craft and sculpt into your yard.  We will get you started and leave you with verbal instructions (you should take notes).


Need a bit more help visioning your space and some hand-holding to help prioritize and organize your grander DIY project?
Often, DIY Project Management clients are totally new to outdoor projects.  We'll spend time together visioning and knocking down the bigger barriers to your DIY success.

I will make myself available via email or scheduled phone calls for ongoing building, planning, or installation questions.

Large DIY Projects include all three DIY Project Documentation pieces, as well as notes from our consultation decisions.
Small DIY clients often add one or more Project Documentation pieces to their consultation:
crafted Plant List
A unique-to-you plant list, selected based on your design and plant habitat/environment. Includes links to nursery product pages for purchase and care & planting info.
Concept Sketch
A sketch rendering of your new space, annotated with pathway shapes, patio/deck/fire-pit placement, plants to keep and to eliminate from your existing landscape, rain garden placements and layout, new garden areas etc.
DIY DOcument
Step by step how to install the concepts we've created.

Land maintenance and plant care

Organic, Non-Fuel-Based, Garden Maintenance and Cleanup
We offer scheduled visits quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, and semi-monthly packages.


The Basics
All visits include general clean up, pruning, weeding, organic pest and disease control, and organic fertilizers. Our seasoned and horticulturally-knowledgeable crew will tend your ornamentals and edibles with precision and care, leaving your property healthy and looking its best.
Overhaul Service
The Overhaul is the full-scale clean up and maintenance that is performed on our Quarterly Visit plan. Major pruning, weeding and plant-editing will help enhance the health and beauty of your property. All excess debris will be hauled away, leaving your garden ready to shine. 

Important Note: If your property hasn't been maintained, or needs significant weeding, pruning and cleanup, we may need to begin your Monthly or Twice-Monthly plan with an overhaul service to get things back on track and ready for regular maintenance.


Keep It Beautiful
Monthly and Twice-Monthly Options
Perform The Basics each visit. One debris dump per season.
Keep It Under Control
Quarterly Service
We also offer quarterly visits, where we perform seasonal care and beautification with a full-scale overhaul clean up and maintenance once each season.
Service Plan Addons
Mulching, laying out compost/soil amendments, seasonal planting options, and more are available for an additional cost. Let us know what you need and we'll make it happen!
* All maintenance is billed monthly. Pricing varies by plan and lot size.

All that. 
And a Bag of Dirt.

Still need a bit more help?
These additional services are offered at market rates.

Blueprint Garden Design (computer generated)

Included in your garden design is a to-scale computer generated design of your property that you can use as a blueprint for garden and hardscape installation (all at once or in phases). Aspects of the design process include: Onsite survey of existing structures and plants, basemap of site, 1-2 hour design review meeting, to-scale finalized design (in PDF format) and plant list with hyperlinks to plant pictures and profiles.

Your final design will include several layers depicting notes and details on each aspect of the site's transformation (basemap, demolition, hardscaping, building, plant palettes etc.)

Formalized Garden Layout Sketch

This option allows you to see a to-scale rendering of your property with general design layouts (excluding plant palettes). Visualizing the form and function of your space will help create the flow that suits your patterns and needs. Hardscape layout, newly proposed built structures, rearrangement of existing structures, recommendations for removal of various trees/plants will all be noted in layout sketches. Materials will be noted for each aspect of this design.

For a comprehensive plant list, consider adding Pride & Joy’s plant list offering which will allow you to choose from a uniquely curated and comprehensive plant palette for your newly mapped garden areas.
Please note that Pride & Joy Landscapes offers Landscape design services that are not considered architectural or engineered. Any permitting or engineering will be the responsibility of the recipients of the design.

procurement, placement, planting

This service allows you to have an agreed upon or on-the-fly plant list that we can then source (ensuring the best possible product), deliver, place appropriately in your landscape and even plant! A great option for taking advantage of wholesale prices and having access to a huge array of plant material and sizes delivered right to your garden.

Materials REclamation Planning

One person's trash is anther's treasure. Ann is brimming with ideas on how to re-use materials for new and unique garden extras. Have a bunch of old doors? Lets turn them into a chic privacy trellis. Lets reuse old concrete to build up a planter or wall. Great ideas combined with a large network of local makers can create those special corners that set your garden apart.

Contractor liaison services

Includes all contractor communication and meetings, organization and oversight of the work, scheduling deliveries, etc to complete the job. Over 20 years of experience and extensive contacts in the Portland area facilitate this process; a strong industry background allows us to translate your desires into fluent contractor-speak.

Artistic Consultation

This service is designed to help collaborate with you on generating ideas and implementing specifics around the artistic features of your design. This includes but is not limited to contractor and maker referrals and communications, onsite planning and visioning meetings, phone & email communication, retail options (shopping, ordering, collaborative visioning), sketch design drawings etc.


Learn how to prune and tend your garden for best results and happy plants. Plant identification and pest and disease intervention techniques will be available to you. This side by side instruction allows you to both conceptually understand and practice correct techniques. Questions that arise can be answered in real time and your garden will flourish with your newly acquired skills and understanding.