Meet Ann Rad

The creative force behind Pride + Joy.
Yard Works

Conceiving beautiful spaces suited to the individual’s needs for over twenty years.    

LCB #100164

With an emphasis on permaculture methodologies, native plants and biodiversity.
Whether you want to overhaul, rearrange, or create something completely new, Ann works to unearth your secret garden and bring those dreams (literally) to life.
Pride & Joy Landscapes is happy to announce the reboot of our fine gardening maintenance services!
We offer a variety of schedules to meet the needs of your land and your budget.
Our seasoned and horticulturally-knowledgeable crew will tend your ornamentals and edibles with precision and care, leaving your property healthy and looking its best.
  • Pro pruning for all your small trees, shrubs and perennials
  • Weed management
  • Proper removal + disposal of invasive plants
  • Green yard debris removal + composting
  • Organic fertilization techniques
  • Integrated Pest + Disease Management
  • Pledge to NEVER use toxic or harmful chemicals
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Outside Consulting Services

Ann Rad brings 20 years' experience and a collaborative design process to help clients discover the beautiful, functional spaces that exist beneath their very feet.
Engagements range from fully-rendered site plans and contractor liaison services to project visioning, plant list curation, and phased-in DIY installation guidelines.
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Yard Works

Are you frustrated by a tepid creative vision, lack of plant knowledge, minimal building skills, or the general difficulty of planning a large-scale project?
These folks used to feel like that, too:
Depaved Paradise
Kid + Pet Friendly
Lower Maintenance
Wild for Wildlife

Extend your inside outside

This team had dreamed for 12 years of having a versatile outdoor space for their dogs, increased gardening area and multiple “rooms” to occupy. A sprayed plan on the land itself, with an accompanying plant list and several consultations, help clarify and plan their vision.

With the help of a local contractor, the dog pee covered driveway was removed and transformed into a ready palate that will slowly fill in with plants over time.

The couple is already drinking coffee in a sunny nook by the shed and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Sweet little back yard revamp in SW

With a new baby and pets that needed containing on a steep and angular corner lot, and a limited budget for new materials, this project presented a great challenge!

To address the steep slopes, we decided to remove the driveway and terrace the land beneath. Poured concrete retaining walls were too costly, so we reused the driveway concrete to create the terracing.

The problem of containing kids and pets was addressed by carving out a new lawn and patio space, contained by a new fence with multiple gates for easy access.

Parking Strip Upgrade

With a smallish budget and a lot of love and excitement, this client came to me feeling wary of how she could create a beautiful and unique sanctuary.

Barriers included a limited budget, a busy work schedule (not a lot of extra time for ongoing yard maintenance) and almost no experience with yard projects. 

Together we planned and designed this yard that delineated “church and state“ to create clear, clean walking pads between seating areas in open garden space. Her dog no longer creates ankle breaking holes and low maintenance and low-water shrubs fill in the lush garden areas.

Special extra details like a raised garden bed around the existing deck now house herbs for cooking and cocktails, making this project a huge success!

A place for all living creatures

Many of my clients are interested and invested in increasing outdoor habitat for their family as well as for urban wildlife. Weather for a backyard habitat certification or just a pollinator-friendly parking strip we’ve been able to create some incredible pockets where life is thriving!

These particular clients were invested in native habitat complete with private and peaceful Creekside seating area that blended right into the garden. A unique site with steep hillside’s, HOA requirements as well as a sensitive land restriction and erosion control concerns.

We’ve been lucky to work with this family for many seasons as they continue to remove ivy and develop more and more of their property for native habitat.

Included are details such as a water feature for mitigating traffic sounds and providing bugs and birds a drink, standing deadwood for critter habitat, pollinator friendly blooms year-round and site specific details for optimal picture window viewing, winter bird berries and roadside privacy hedges.
  • Everything is starting to bloom and I can not tell you how much having my beautiful front and back yard has supported me through this quarantine period.
    - Jan Vanetta
  • What a surprise to come home to everything mulched — this looks beyond amazing.
    Thank you so much for a beautiful front yard!!! Beyond happy!
    - Preston Waters
  • I love the design you’ve created for us, and think it’s going to add so much value to our lives to have a beautiful and fun(ctional) space we can enjoy. We really appreciate your guidance and expertise in this project!
    - Ted and Lindsey Hayley
  • Ann gave us the plans, advice and confidence to transform our yard and she supported us along the way. We couldn't have afforded it or done it without her help.
    - Candice and Chris Piers
  • Thanks for being our gardener. You always leave such a rainbow behind : )
    - Beverly James-Neel
  • Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for our backyard space right now. Thank you!!!
    - Molly Zeigler
  • The landscaping makeover is complete! Thanks so much Pride & Joy Landscapes for the splendid design and for stewarding the process. Ann never made us feel bad for being bad plant parents but just took it all in and built it into a plan.
    - Kat Sklar
  • The yard looks absolutely amazing! Yesterday and today it was so great to come home to see the transformation! You and your crew did an amazing job--thank you so much.
    - Jessica McConahay